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With the development of modern technologies people surf on the Internet not only to find new information or learn something, but also searching for their soul mates. But if it’s easy to find the right person, then the next question is how to become closer to. By the way, the question “how to get closer” is worried not only by new couples, but also by people who are for a long time together.

About twenty years ago a psychologist named Arthur Aron created the set of questions, with help of which you can fall in love with any person and restore the relationship to a pleasant ease. The fact that these issues really help was proved by two American teachers of the psychological faculty who decided to conduct an experiment – after reaching 35 questions they realized that they felt to each other something more than just “this is my colleague”. What is the essence of Aron’s method and why does it work?

Beautiful Russian Wives Online

It’s simple – love begins with frankness and discovery of oneself. Of course, you must be friendly to each other, because such an option clearly does not work for the enemies. Spiritual intimacy, according to psychologists, is due to the fact that people reveal their thoughts become open. So what kind of questions will help fall in love? Answer the questions in turn, do not interrupt each other and let your partner speak. (The author suggests after the end of the questionnaire to look into each other’s eyes 4 minutes, who knows, maybe this is the essence of the exercise. In order to fall in love, a person (and in some sense his brain) only takes 4 minutes. The main factor for this is the signals of the body (smiles, movement of hands, breathing), the timbre of the voice and its tempo.).

  1. You can invite a close friend, celebrity or deceased relative for breakfast (lunch, dinner). Whom will you invite?
  2. Would you like to be famous? Why?
  3. Do you repeat the possible phrases in your head before a big conversation?
  4. What is the perfect day for you?
  5. When was the last time you sang?
  6. What would you choose to live 90 years, keeping your mind clear or keeping a young body?
  7. What would you change in your child’s upbringing?
  8. Tell the story of your life in 4 minutes.

These are examples of questions that, according to the psychologist, can help fall in love. But in our opinion, nightly conversations in the kitchen or on a walk will give you much more emotions and reasons to fall in love.

Scientists conducting research in the field of relationships conducted observations in order to find out whether there are differences between an attraction to a person as a sexual object and love. As it turned out, the emotions associated with sex are answered by the same parts of the brain as for hunger. Feeling of love is in those parts of the brain that cause a sense of happiness and are responsible for various addictions.

Actually love is a medicine. If you are tired of taking pills for headache or toothache, then the best natural painkiller is hugs. So, it was found out that couples who often hug, in quantities exceeding the standard, release into the body the hormone oxytocin, which helps get rid of body pain.

Pain from the “Broken” Heart Stress in the loss of a loved one can affect the work of the heart in the literal sense. A broken heart sends the same syndromes that happen with a heart attack – a heartbeat, a heartache, chest pain and heavy breathing.

These are some interesting facts about love in general. But if you want to know more, then you should visit our website and start searching for your love.